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The Nicol Home

At Nicol Home, you continue living on your terms, getting the help and support your needs or wants while continuing to live your life in a community setting.  We respect your right to decide how you want to live your life and spend your time. 

In our home, you decide when you want to get up in the morning and when you want to go to bed at night.  You get to decide when and what you want to eat and how to spend each day to the greatest extent of self-determination possible.


The Nicol Home is a 32-bed skilled nursing facility, our culture creates a community where our staff cares for patients and residents like family, not because it's their job, but because it's their calling.


Because we consider ourselves to be family at Nicol Home, we love opening our doors to others.  Whether you come in for morning coffee, to cheer on your favorite team during an evening ball game or just to say hello, we would love to welcome you into our home.



   Call 785-568-2251 to schedule your visit. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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